Jacana MSC-193 - History

Jacana MSC-193 - History


Any of certain wading birds of the family Jacanidae common to the Western Hemisphere. (MSC-193: dp. 290,1. 44', b. 28', dr. 0', s. 13 k.; cpl. 39, a. 2 20mm.; cl. Bluebird)

Jacana (MSC-193) was launched as AMS-193 25 February 1954 by Quincy Adams Yacht Yard, Quincy, Mass.; sponsored by Mrs. Dorothy M. Deehan; reclassified MSC-193 on 7 February 1955; and commissioned 10 'March 1955, Lt. (j.g.) W. W. Jordan in command.

After shakedown, Jacana arrived Charleston, S.C., her home port, 28 May 1955; and, during the year, engaged in tactical training and experimental exercises part of the Navy's ceaseless activity to maintain a superior readiness capability that incorporates every modern technological advance. The motor '.mine sweeper arrived at her new home port, Yorktown, Va. ., 18 January 1957, and commenced mine warfare exercise,; in the Chesapeake Bay.

In addition to participating in mine warfare operations, Jacana performed important search and rescue missions for downed aircraft and engaged in amphibious exercises off Onslow Beach. She continued in this series of operations until 28 April 1962, when she proceeded to Port Everglades, Fla., for duty with the Naval Ordnance Laboratory Test Facility. After her mine evaluating mission and Caribbean exercises were completed, Jacana sailed for Halifax late September to participate in joint American-Canadian maneuvers. The combined exercises are proof of the free world's determination to thwart any Communist thrust toward world conquest. Soon after this exercise, the Cuban crisis brought a showdown with communism. Jacana remained on alert through November.

From 1963 into 1967 Jacana has operated along the Atlantic coast, engaging in mine exercises, amphibious training, search and rescue operations, and duty with the Naval Mine Defense Laboratory in Florida.

The name Jacana was applied to an area between Broadmeadows and Glenroy in the 1950s by the Housing Commission of Victoria (HCV). The name comes from Jacana Street, to the east of the Craigieburn railway line (therefore, technically not in Jacana itself). Both the street and the suburb are slightly to the north of the Jacana railway station, which was built to service the suburb in 1959. However, Jacana as a built landscape did not spring fully formed under the aegis of the HCV.

The streets in the southern section of Jacana were laid out in 1923 when 861 lots were offered for sale on land which had formerly been owned by Duncan Kennedy, a farmer in the area from the mid-1840s. The Housing Commission retitled some of the streets (for instance, the jokingly named Emu Parade and Sunset Boulevard) and built most of the housing stock in this section of Jacana in the 1950s. Only a few houses in Jacana—notably those in Pascoe Vale Road—predate the Housing Commission's arrival in Broadmeadows. In the late 50s a picture of the 'daily needs' shopping centre in Emu Parade appeared in the Housing Commission's Annual Report of 1958-9, presumably because it represented the progressive and ever-expanding nature of HCV operations. As the population increased, Jacana Post Office opened on 15 May 1961. [2] The Commission later laid out and built the northern section of Jacana in the early 1970s, the southernmost section of its showcase Meadow Fair estate. A small portion of the southern section of Jacana came under threat in the mid-1960s, when a new branch line was proposed to extend from the Broadmeadows railway line close to the site of Jacana Station, to the new Melbourne Airport. This line was not built.

Construction of the newer area of Jacana took place in the Whitlam era, which ended with the opening of the Broadmeadows Sporting Club, located on the Jacana side of the Moonee Ponds Creek Valley. The club was opened by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam on 10 November 1975—the day before his dismissal by the Governor General, John Kerr. During the 1970s a major portion of what is now Jacana reserve was a rubbish dump created to fill a valley containing a small tributary of Moonee Ponds Creek. This area now features two sports ovals.

As is to be expected from a former Housing Commission development in this region, Jacana is a lower-middle or working class area which, because of its planned heritage, enjoys better amenities than many privately developed or unplanned suburbs. It contains the aforementioned shops and Sports Club (which includes a bowling green), small playgrounds, a school and extensive parkland. The north-eastern section of the suburb is the site of Broadmeadows Community Health Centre, relocated from a site north of the Broadmeadows Shopping Centre to a space long reserved for a hospital.

Schools Edit

Jacana boasted a successful primary school (Jacana Primary School - School Number: 4839 & Motto: "Through Knowledge Success"). The school functioned from 1959 until its demise, in 2009, due to the amalgamation of Broadmeadows West, Jacana and Meadowfair North primary schools. Class Sizes were large during its early years, but by its closure in 2009 attendance dropped to below 50 students. [ citation needed ]

The former school site is currently occupied by the Northern School for Autism (for primary and secondary aged students in the Northern Region of Melbourne, formerly the Preston Special Developmental School). The old school site is undergoing renovations, to the interior and exterior, expected to be completed in 2011. [3] [4]

Jacana Progress Association Edit

Community facilities in the wider Broadmeadows area were generally the outcome of community agitation through Progress Associations. The Jacana Progress Association was formed in 1959 and concentrated most of its energies on building a community hall. The Association requested that residents donate two shillings each towards this project, and along with a series of local carnivals, had raised $2 000 by 1968. As this was insufficient to construct a hall, the Association approached non-government bodies with aspirations to locate in the area. St. John's Ambulance was the successful 'bidder' for this and was given the money towards a hall on land which had been donated by the Housing Commission to the Association. It constructed the Hall in Pascoe Vale Road, for its own and the community's use. The Hall was demolished in 2012.

The Jacana Progress Association no longer exists, and little is known of the circumstances of its demise.

The Moonee Ponds Creek Trail and the Western Ring Road Trail provide facilities for recreational and commuting cyclists.

ABS 2001 statistics for the Jacana reveal a suburb in which 60.4% of the population is Australian-born - the remainder from a variety of sources, only the United Kingdom (3.1%) and Italy (2.6%) exceeding 2%. In 2001 almost 10% of Jacanaians were unemployed, and 48.5% were not in the labour force (over 30% of the population is under 18 or over 65). Of those employed, almost a quarter worked in manufacturing, and just over 15% worked in retail.

The majority of Jacana housing, as stated above, was erected by the Housing Commission of Victoria either in the later 1950s, early 60s or in the early 1970s. It is mainly of brick construction with pre-cast concrete elements as per the HCV method of the 1950s-60s. There are no flats. 91.3% of Jacana residents live in separate houses. 48.3% own their own home, and 26.2% are purchasing their home, a total of 74.5%. The average housing price in Jacana in 2001 was $131,750 today premium streets such as Langton Street and Freeland Grove command prices over $700 000 as a result of the housing boom earlier in the decade. While this is a major increase over a short period of time, prices in Jacana are still far below the average for Melbourne.

Sunday Ship History: Turkey time

The U.S. Navy used to be consistent in naming ships in a certain way - battleships had the names of various states (USS North Carolina, USS Texas, cruisers were named after cities (USS Chicago, USS Houston). Down among the smaller ships, the minesweepers were named in a less high-falutin' way- they were named after birds.

In 1918, Minesweeper No. 13 was commissioned as USS Turkey, as set out here, and began an interesting career:

Although completed too late to see service during World War I, Turkey took part in the gigantic operation to clear the mine barrage which had been laid in the North Sea during this conflict. This system of mine fields constituted a formidable obstacle to the resumption of trade in the aftermath of the war. After steaming across the Atlantic, the new minesweeper . joined the American forces massing there to begin clearing the shipping lanes between Scotland and Norway.

Soon thereafter, Turkey got underway for minesweeping operations in the North Sea. During her second operation. a mine exploded directly beneath Turkey on 16 May. The disabled minesweeper crept to Lyeness, at Scapa Flow, where she was dry-docked for repairs.

Her damage was corrected in time for Turkey to take part in the project's fifth operation .

Fair weather conditions, unusual for the North Sea enabled the ships to make excellent progress. While thus engaged, Turkey fouled a mine in her sweep gear and it exploded close aboard, causing minor damage. However the ship effected quick repairs at sea and continued operations without missing the proverbial step. By the 16th, Turkey's group had swept a record 1,373 mines.
Following her return to the United States, Turkey began operating out of New York in the waters of the 3d Naval District. On 17 July 1920, the minesweeper was designated AM-17 when the Navy adopted its modern alphanumeric system of hull numbers.

As the Fleet shifted to Pearl Harbor in late 1939 and early 1940, Turkey followed and operated out of Pearl Harbor into 1941. On 7 December of that year, she lay moored in a nest of her sister ships at the Coal Docks at Pearl Harbor, when Japanese planes launched a surprise attack on the unsuspecting Pacific Fleet.

A Naval Reserve ensign, who had experienced only six months of sea duty, led the ship's defense until her commanding officer could return to the ship. The crew tumbled to battle stations at the sound of the general quarters alarm and quickly manned the main battery of two 3-inch guns. In addition, two Lewis guns atop the tall pilot house went into action. A number of riflemen armed with Springfield 1903 bolt-action rifles roamed the decks looking for good vantage points from which to fire at the attacking planes. Twenty minutes after the raid began, Turkey backed clear of the next ship to improve her field of fire and continued the fight.

1. On December 7, 1941, while in the capacity as Officer of The Deck, at about 0753, I heard an explosion followed by the noise of diving planes which, when sighted, proved to be Japanese. I immediately ordered general quarters and made preparations for getting underway.

2. At 0755 all guns were manned and opened fire on low flying dive-bombers approaching from the Southwest. The estimated number of this flight is eighteen planes. Five minutes later the second flight of about 18 dive-bombers passed overhead and out of gun bearing, headed toward Navy Yard, followed by nine torpedo planes following channel and passing over Hospital Point toward Navy Yard. About 0820, sighted flight of about twenty-five heavy bombers, estimated altitude 12000 ft coming from West, which dropped about seven bombs, landing in the West Lock Area.

3, The conduct of the crew was excellent. They responded immediately and efficiently.

His words speak of a well-trained crew, reminding us of the military truism that "you will not rise to the occasion, you will default to the level of your training."

Turkey continued its war operations, but underwent a change in mission and in 1944 was re-classified as an "old ocean tug" and its hull number changed to ATO-143. There then followed a period of activity helping resupply the fleet and making assisting various ships damaged by enemy action. As the war ended, so did her career and she was decommissioned and sold for scrap.

However, the Navy, in its infinite wisdom still had a Turkey on the books. This Turkey started life as YMS-444:

The second Turkey was laid down as YMS-444 on 16 November 1943 at Kingston. N.Y., by C. Hiltebrant Dry Dock Co., Inc. launched on 20 July 1944 and commissioned on 26 December 1944, Lt. George H. H. Huey, USNR, in command.
On 20 July, she departed New York and, after a stop at Miami, steamed through the Panama Canal to the California coast, arriving at Los Angeles on 8 September. On the 17th, she set her course westward for Pearl Harbor and the Marshalls. Although the war was over when YMS-444 arrived in the Pacific, there were still enormous tasks left for the minesweepers. YMS-444 pursued her duties operating out of Saipan and Eni-wetok in October 1945. In November, she moved on to the Ryukyus and Japan, sweeping mines in the Kyushu-Korea and Honshu areas, and remained in Japanese waters into the new year.

On 24 February 1946, she departed Kure and set her course, via the Marianas and Marshalls, for Pearl Harbor and California. After pausing at San Pedro in April, she got underway for the Canal Zone on the 27th. It was 6 June before she departed the Canal Zone and set her course, via Charleston, for New York. She was decommissioned on 30 August 1946 and remained in the 3d Naval District as a Naval Reserve training ship.
For the next six years, YMS-444 operated out of New York ports and on the Great Lakes . On 1 September 1947, she was named Turkey and redesignated a motor minesweeper (AMS-56). She was placed in commission, in reserve, in April 1950, and she returned to active status on 21 November.

Turkey returned to the Atlantic in March 1952 and was assigned to serve with the Mine Forces, Atlantic Fleet, in August. During the following four years, she operated out of east coast ports with occasional voyages to the Caribbean. On 7 February 1955, she was reclassified an old coastal minesweeper MSC(O)-56. She arrived at Charleston on 9 November 1956 and was decommissioned there on 23 November 1956. Then, on 1 May 1957, she departed Charleston, steamed via New York, Halifax, and Montreal, and reported to the Commander, 4th Naval District, Toledo, Ohio, on 27 May 1957.

In 1960, Turkey was transferred to the 1st Naval District to continue as a Reserve training ship. As such, she operated out of Fall River, Mass., until September 1968 when she was replaced as a training ship by Jacana (MSC-193). Her name was struck from the Navy list as of October 1968, and she was sold in August 1969.

Was duty on a Turkey less exciting than on one of the big carriers or battleships? I suspect that, as is the case with most shipboard duty, they all had their moments. However, it's clear that both Turkeys provided long and useful service to the fleet and that all who served in them deserve our thanks and a salute.

UPDATE (12/8/06) From an email:

My grandfather, Samuel Burl Neff, LCDR, USN, was stationed on board the ship on P H day. I believe he was a CWO at the time. He was home having sunday breakfast with the family at the start of the attack. Oral tradition of the family has it that my aunt Joanne (age six) went out to retrieve the sun paper and came back in the house and exclaimed "Daddy there are a lot of planes in the sky". My grandfather later became the CO of the USS Turkey (mid 1943). My grandfather enlisted in the USN in 1917. Prior to his enlisting, he had been a car mechanic. The Navy, in it's infinite wisdom, made him a HM (or it's equivalent back then). He later was able to change rate to MM. He retired in 1949 after 32 years service. He died in 1964 and is buried in Arlington National Cem.

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This book is not just an evisceration of the ANC, however, as Harvey is able, through many interviews and patient delving into the past and present, to provide an indispensable guide to the future.

The Great Pretenders is fierce, passionate and provocative. It is certain to provoke those in power, stirring debate on not only the pernicious issue of race relations in South Africa, but on how to create the shared society promised us.

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Jacana, also called lily-trotter or lotus bird, any of several species of water birds belonging to the family Jacanidae of the order Charadriiformes. Jacanas are uniquely equipped with long straight claws for walking on floating vegetation. Like certain plovers, some jacanas have wing spurs.

The seven or eight species of the genus Jacana include the American jacana (Jacana spinosa), of the American tropics, variably black or reddish the African jacana (Actophilornis africanus) the Australian lotus bird (Irediparra gallinacea) of New Guinea and the eastern Australian coast and the pheasant-tailed jacana (Hydrophasianus chirurgus), of India and the Philippines, a handsome black, yellow, and white bird that acquires long tail feathers in breeding season.

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This document is being created to recognize those that have served or are currently serving our great Country and from Morenci, Clifton and Duncan. We would like to have you listed by name (last, first, alphabetically), year of graduation (if applicable), branch of service, rank, years served and main locations. You may edit this document yourself, or simply leave a comment, and I will add your information, or, send me a personal message via Facebook. As always feedback is important to us!

Aguilera, John David - MHS Class 1977. U.S.M.C., LCpl., Active 77-80.Res 80-83.

Aguirre, Manuel - MHS 1941, First Lieutenant, Army Air Corp. Entered service in August 1941, Bombarder onB-24 "Lakanooky" 783rd Bomb Squadron, 465th Bomb Group Mediterranean Theater 15th Air Force, Air Medal with 2 OCL (Oak Leaf Cluster), Air Force Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal WWII, Victory Medal Combat ribbons for service in the European Theater (WWII) and Outstanding Unit Award (310th Bomb Wing in SAC).

Aker, Ron - MHS 1966 - US Navy - USS Newport News (CA-148). WestPac Vietnam ྄.

Alexander, Roy - Left Morenci at age 12, but returned and considers Morenci home, Roy would have graduated with the MHS class of 1962 - USMC 1962 - 1968 Vietnam 65-66 Forward Observer Radio Operator 81's I Core DaNang.

Archer, Don - MHS ཽ - US Navy - USS New Jersey (battleship). 2 WestPac tours Vietnam. - ྀ-྄

Archer, Roman V. -MHS 1968 - 82nd Airborned HHB 3/4 ADA - FAAR Platoon - Ft. Bragg, NC ྄-74.

Armijo, Armando Randy - MHS Class of 1970 - US ARMY-Military Police-Oct.1971 until Oct.1973

Barry, Karl J. "Bub" - MHS 1959 - Drafted into the US Army in 1964 through 1966.

Bates E. Kenneth- 1943-present, DHS 1961-USAF July 61-July 65-17th AF Ramstein AB, Germany

Benitez, Bobby J. MHS Class of 1976. U.S. Marine Corps

Betts, Wm III - MHS 1967 (Graduated 1967 Cortez HS, Phx., AZ) US Army E-4 11-B Infantry- 82nd Airborne 1969-1970 Ft. Bliss AIT Ft. Polk, NC Vietnam.

Betts, Wm, Jr - Bill was drafted into the U.S. Navy during World War II. He went through Basic Training in San Diego, California. He was in Company 44378. He went through Commando Training at Coronado Island. Bill was assigned to the Amphibious Force and left San Francisco, California on APA 189 (USS Oxford). The Japanese surrender was underway when they left San Francsco. They landed in Subic Bay in the Philippine Islands on 15 September 1945. He then went by LST. (troop transport) on to Yokosuka, Japan where he was assigned back to the fleet to ARD 25 (Auxillary Repair Dock). It had to be towed by tugboats. Bill said the Marines didn't want us and the Navy hated us. He served in the Pacific, attaining the rank of Fireman First Class. Bill left Japan in May and after going through the Aleutian Islands landed back at San Francisco, California. He was discharged in June 1946. He returned on the U.S.S. Tazewell APA 209. Bill was a 2nd Lt. in the Civil Air Patrol. He has a private pilot's license (single engine, fixed wing aircraft).

Black, Allan Gordon - MHS Class of 1943 - Joined the Army Air Corps and served as a radioman on his airplane. In 1944 the plane and all the crew members were lost of the Pacific Ocean and never found. Allan was only 19 years old.

Biles, Donald Kenneth - MHS Class of 1951 - US Air Force. August 3, 1932 - May 1, 2000

Bjorkquist Diaz, Elena - US Air Force during the Vietnam War

Bonine, Norman C. - CHS 1946. He served during WWII in the Navy. He passed away March 21, 2007 in Roosevelt, AZ.

Brinkley, Joe T - MHS Class of 1948, US Army Signal Corp. Corporal, 1952 - 1953, Camp Jordan, Georgia and Korea.

Brinkley, John David - MHS Class of 1953, US Army, 1953 - 1955 Cpl.

Brokaw, Richard B. - MHS, 1962 United States Army 1964 - 1968 Basic Training Fort Ord, California 3/64 - 5/64 USASA Training Center & School Fort Devens, Massachusetts 6/64 - 12/64 14th USASA Field Station, Hakata, Japan 12/64 - 12/66 76th USASA SOU, Shu Lin Kou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China 12/66 - 3/68. Inactive Reserve 3-68 - 3/70, Ended active duty as Sgt E-5, O5H, Morse Code Intercept Operator National Defense Service Medal, U. S. Army Good Conduct Medal.

Burns, Mark - MHS 2000, United States Air Force Tech Sgt., 2000 - Present

Burns, Michelle - MHS 2002 United States Air Force PFC, 2002 - 2004

Buffo, Alan MHS 1962 Army E-5 1967-1969 Washington D.C.

Callicotte, Douglas CHS 1985 - US Army 1995-2000, 293rd MP Company and 552nd MP Company, Ft. Stewart, GA with deployment to Bosnia and Japan

Carbajal, Frank Ruben - CHS, November 15, 1954, US Army, Korean Conflict

Carbajal, Ruben Frank - CHS 1982, US Army

Carbajal, Sergio - CHS, US Army, Korean Conflict (1951)

Castillo, Carlos "Charlie" - MHS 1963. USAF 1966 to 1974. My brother, Roger Castillo also served he was in the US Navy, also during the Vietnam era.

Castillo, David E. - MHS 58 - Sargent in the United States Airforce stationed at Moody AFB. David Castillo died in an accident on February 7, 1966 in Nashville GA at age 25.

Castillo, Robert - MHS ? - US Navy - Vietnam War

Castillo, William - MHS 1967, USMC- Vietnam 68-69, Tank Batt. 1st Mar.Div. Gone But Not forgotten RIP

Cervantez, Victor, V - MHS 1941?, Staff Sargent, Army Air Corps. Entered service in December 1941, Gunner on B-24, 409th Bomb Squadron, 93rd Bomb Group, European Theater, 8th Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters.

Chacon, Cornie - CHS 1966, US Army, Vietnam - 101st Airborne

Chandler, Mark E. - MHS 1975, USAF 1975 to 1979, 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, Camp New Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chilicky, Carl - CHS 1985, US Army, SFC, 11 June 1987 - Feb 2016. Ft Leonard Wood, MO, Schofield Barracks, HI, Ft Bragg, NC, Ft Bliss, TX Desert Shield/Desert Storm/Enduring Freedom. Petroleum Specialist, Psychological Operations Specialist, Infantryman.

Ft Leonard Wood, MO, Schofield Barracks, HI, Ft Bragg, NC

Chilicky, Robert - MHS 1988, US Army, MSG, 1 July 1988 - Present. Ft Sill, OK, Camp Stanley, S Korea, Ft Polk, LA, Ft. Meade, MD, Camp Parks, CA. Cannon Crewmember, Interior Electrician, Administrative Specialist, Signal Support Specialist.

Cisneros, Elmo - MHS 1964, US Army

Cisneros, Leroy D - MHS 1966, US Marine Corp.

Cisneros, Leroy E (Roach) - MHS 1969, US Army

Cisneros, Robert - CHS 1967, United States Air Force, 93rd Bombardment, SAC 68-71, Phang Rang Vietnam, 435 Tactical Fighter Wing 1972.

Clemmons, Geary R. - MHS 1966 - US Marines 1967 - 1969. Volunteered 7th Cavilary, US Marine Corps., Vietnam

Clubb, Wesley - MHS 1952 US Air Force

Cole, Garland E. Service from August 20, 1940 - October 21, 1945

Cole, Garland (Buzz) - MHS 1963 - US Navy 1962 - 1967. Volunteered - Vietnam Veteran.

Corona, Joe - MHS 1962 - US Army

Cueto, Raymond - CHS 1964 - Navy 1966 - 1972, NCBMU 301. Operated in Dong Ha, Quang tri tactical area, Vietnam

Devargas, Hector, E - MHS 1939, Lieutenant, Army Air Corps. Entered service in 1942. Bombarder on B-17F, 524th Squadron, 379th Bomb Group, European Theater, 8th Air Force Medal with two OLC's, Purple Heart KIA on October 14, 1943, when his Flying Fortress, under attack, crashed head-on with a German ME-109. The mission he was in was called "Second Schweinfurt" to distinguish it from the first mission. The mission is infamous in the history of the Air Corps because over 60 B-17s were shot down going to and from this mission. Hector is buried at the Lorraine American Cementary, St. Avoid, France. He is on the "Greenlee County Wall of Honor" located at Lloyd C. Hill post in Clifton, AZ. Gone, but not forgotten. RIP

Diaz, Ben - US Army during WWII

Diaz, Marcello - US Army during WWII

Dockins, Floyd - MHS 1968 - Army 1969-1970, Vietnam 1970-1971

Dockins, James - MHS 1964 - Army 1965-1967, Vietnam 1966-1967

Dockins, Raymond - MHS 1972 -Army

Doerges, Robert -MHS Class 1960. USAF Titan Missile Lowery AFB, Colo. Bien Hoa Vietnam. Served form Oct 63 to Oct 67

Draper, Kenneth Neal- MHS 1970, Navy, San Diego

Draper, Robert Dale- MHS 1966, Marines, Vietnam

Dunagan, Houston, A. - CHS? - Korean War

Dunagan, Robert A. - CHS?, Marine Corp. - Vietnam

Duran, Ralph O. Jr - MHS Class of 1974 - US Navy 1974-1995, Master-at-Arms, E-7, USS Enterprise CVN-65, Navcommsta Stockton, Ca USS Lawrence DDG-4, Naval Station Phila,PA USS Tripoli LPH-10 VAW-114, Miramar Ca Naval Training Ctr.,San Diego. 12 Westpac deployments combat deployment - Operation Just Cause, Panama Desert Shield, Desert Storm. Westpac deployments on USS Kitty Hawk CV-64 and USS Carl Vinson, CVN-70. 21 years total service.

Easley, Daniel Curtis (Shelton) MHS 1956 - Shelton was my stepfather's name which I used in high school and Eastern Arizona Junior College. In the service I had to use Easley since it was my legal name. US Army 1958-1961 Specialist 4th Class, radio, teletype, cryptograph technician. Fort Carson, Colorado basic training Fort Sill, Oklahoma second eight weeks training Fort Gordon, Georgia, signal school Fort Campbell, Kentucky assigned to Quartermaster Corp., Signal Division until discharged.

Esparza, Louis MHS U.S. Army WWII 1943-1948, Cpl. European Theatre (deceased July 9, 2012)

Esparza, Reuben NunezU.S. Navy, S1C. WWII PTO. USS Olmsted APA 188

Estrada, Carl Sr. 24 Apr 1948- 29 Sept 2012. MHS Class of 1967. Specalist-4 U.S. Army, 23rd Infantry Division Vietnam. Recipent of: Purple Heart with one device, Air Medal with Valor Device, National Defense Medal, Veitnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, Sharpshooters Badge with two devices.

Feinstein, Joseph (Joey) MHS 1983- (step son of Roger Valdez and son of Dolores (Baca) Valdez. US Air Force from 1983-1991, Wideband Communications Technician, SGT, served during Operation Desert Storm.

Freida, John.- MHS 1967 -USMC - Sgt.- Sub Unit One 1st Anglico, 5th Co, 2nd Batt. 2nd ROK Marine BDE "Blue Dragons". Viet Nam 3 Tours 68-69-70

Galusky, Joseph T.MHS educator. Home town Austin W. VA. U.S. Army Air Corp WWII, European Theater of Operations

Garcia Edward A. - MHS 1936 First Lieutenant, Army Air Corps Entered Service in March 1942. Pilot Instructor

Gardner, Buster - US Army, WWII

Garrigan, Dennis - MHS 1976-1978 (moved junior year) US NAVY 1979-1999 Retired Operations Specialist 1st Class (OS)

Gaxiola, Francisco - (Son of Joseph M. Gaxiola and Virgie Paz-Castro) born in Morenci - Air Force 1991 - 1997 - Space Command & Air Intelligence Agency.

Gaxiola, Joseph M. - MHS 1969 - US Army 5th Group Special Forces 1969 - 1972, Republic of Vietnam 1970 - 1972 Special Ops with 159th Dust-Off 1971-1972. Numerous company citations, individual medals for gallantry and duty above and beyond.

Gillespie, Russell - MHS 1965 - US Navy - E-4 1966-1970 - USS Dehaven (DD-727) Destroyer. Three tours in Vietnam - Navy Unit Commendation, Republic of Vietnam - Meritorious Unit Citation

Gilliland, Howard, R, DHS 1942, US Navy, WWII, Sonarman First Class, YMS (Yard Class Mine Sweeper) 266 & PC (Patrol Class) 479 - Pacific Theatre

Gough, Max Steven, CHS 1962. US Coast Guard 1963-1967, Lake Michigan, Alaska

Granado, Tito - US Army during WWII

Gray, Wayne A MHS 1970, US Army SP/5-E5, 1/9 Cav-4/9 Cav /7/17 Cav -1st Cav Division, FT.Hood TX ྃ-73', Yuma Proving Grounds Az ྆-75', 833 Ord Co. "75-76', South Korea, 24 Ord Co. Ft Stuart Georgia ྈ-ྉ

Guerra, Nicolas B. - CHS ? Staff Sergeant, Army Air Corps. Entered Service in August 1941, Ball Turret Gunner on B-24, 431st Bomb Squadron, 11th Bomb Group Pacific Theater, 7th Air Force. Distinguished Flying Cross with one Oak Leaf Cluster (2DFC's) Air Medal with three OLC . Nick flew 30 combat missions as a ball turret gunner. Retired from PD, Morenci in 1981, with 40 years of service. Deceased.Gone, but not forgotten. Rest in Peace

Hackney, Billy - MHS 1960, US Air Force

Hackney, Darrell Ray - MHS 1968, US Air Force, Ssgt 1968 - 1976, Clark AB Philipines and Ellsworth AFB, SD

Hall, Jimmie - MHS 1959, US Navy 1959-1968

Ham, Danny - MHS 1963, US Air Force

Ham, J. R. - MHS class of 1951, U.S. Marine Corps

Heinsohn, Doyle Leon, Army, First Sergeant, SS M1, Occupied Japan WWII

Herrera, Valentin - US Army during WWII

Horn, Robert class of 54, US Navy RM2 Served in Tin Can Navy 54-58 Amphib Force 60-62

Hogner, Eli N. Sr., WWII

Hogner, Eli N. Jr., Vietnam (two tours)

Hubbard, Leigh P III. Desert Storm

Huizar, Al "Gordo" - MHS 1965 - US Army (1966-1969) E-5 Helicopters and Vietnam (14 months) 1968-1969.

Hunt, Gerald MHS 1964 - U.S. Navy 1968-1972, E-5, AR-6 and Assault Craft. Vietnam & Far East , 16 months. Three sons serve(d) in Army: Stephen on MLRS during Gulf War Michael flies Blackhawks and is with 160th SOAR Woody is SF/Ranger/etc. One of Michael's "customers." They are still both on active duty. My father, Jerry Hunt was a medic during WWII and served from 1939-1945. He fought in the Pacific, from New Guinea (1943) to Luzon (1945). Both grandfathers were WWI Vets.

Jimenez, Robert - CHS 1963, US Navy 1963 -1964. Robert was killed when an aircraft slammed into the control tower where he was assigned.

Johnson, Keith - CHS 1960, Marines, 1960-64, Lance Corporal, served in Okinawa and Camp Pendleton, CA.

Jones, Randall - MHS 1968, US Army,1968-1971 Vietnam

Landua, Alan - MHS 1968, US Army SP4, Vietnam

Lee, Richard - MHS 1963 - US Army, Captain (1974 - 1986)

Legge, Mike - MHS 1964 - US Army, Vietnam

Lopez, Edmund -MHS 1977 - US Army, SGT (1977 - 1989) Medical Field, Ft. Bliss, El Paso, TX Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX Landsthul AMC Germany Walter Reed AMC, DC Tripler AMC, Hawaii & Ft Huachuca, AZ, 76-77 MHS Student Body President, daughter currently serving in Kuwait, father - Tony S. Lopez, Koren Vet grandfather Rocque Peru - WWI Vet

Lopez, Tony S - MHS 1948, US Army, (1950 - 1953) Corporal, 27th ROP, 1st Btln Co., 25th Infantry, Korean Conflict (will update later) efl

Lujan, Raymundo U.S. Navy, WWII PTO

Lunt, Donald - CHS 1949 Served in U. S. Army during Korean Conflict, 1951-52

Madison, Eugene - MHS 1953 - US Army

Madrid, Albert E. - CHS 1939, ARM2/c, US Navy. Entered service in August 1942, Radioman/gunner on SBD Dauntless, SB2C Helldiver and PB4Y Liberator Bombing Squadrons VB-16, VB-19, and PBS-200 Pacific Theater aboard USS Enterpise and USS Lexington. Two Distinguished Flying Crosses, there Air Medals Presidential Unit Citations, Good Conduct Medal American Theater of War Medal WWII, Victory Campaign medals for Miday, Guam, Gilberts Marshalls, Palau, China, Philippines, Okinawa, Formosa, Iwo Jima, Chichi Jima, Pyukp, Nansi Shoto and finally Japan. Deceased1991 in California. Gone but not forgotten, RIP.

Madrid, Johnny - US Army during the Vietnam War

Maldonado, Bob -CHS 1969 USN 71-77, E-5: USS Mauna Kea AE-22 NAS Jacksonville Fl Naval Station San Diego FMF 3d Marine Div Okinawa USAF 1982-2001, Lieutenant Colonel: Commander, Logistics, Construction Management AZ, CA, AK, NM, VA

Malloque, Marc A-MHS 1976: SFC/E7 US Army Retired, 20yrs, 8 months, 6 days(but who was counting), Ft Leonard Wood, Mo., Ft Riley, Ks., Athens Greece, Ft Riley, Ks., Stuttgart Germany, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD., Ft Lewis, WA., and other places I really did not like.

Marquez Morales, Esther - CHS - WWII, U.S. Navy 1942-1945.

Marquez, Edward G. - CHS - WWII, U. S. Army, 1941-1944.

Martin, William Garfield, Jr., served in WW II from 3/31/1944 - 11/11/1945. His home base was Navy Air Station, Seattle, Washington. He served in the Philippines and his rank was STM1. Lived in Morenci from 1946 - 1975.

Martinez, Isidro, I - US Army WWI

Martinez, Isidro, II - US Army during WWII

Martinez, Isidro, III - US Army during the Vietnam War

Martinez, Simon A. MHS 1936. US Army, Tech 5,HQ,158th Regimental Combat Team (Bushmasters)

Medina, Edmund R., aka "Doc" CHS- 1960 - From 1962-1966 he served in the Army- 101st Airborne Division- Screaming Eagles, during the Viet Nam war. After his honorable discharge he resided in Clifton and in 1983 during the Phelps Dodge labor dispute moved to Phoenix where he worked for the City of Phoenix until his illness and death in March, 2007.

McBride, Carol - MHS 1973 - US Army 1973 to 1977

McClure, Bob MHS 1955 - US Army - Police Dog Handler - For McAuther, CA

McClure, Jimmy MHS Class of 1962, US Army Sgt Special Forces. 6th Special Forces, Ft. Bragg, NC Aug 1965-May 1966. Republic of Vietnam May 1966-Oct 1966 5th Special Forces group LZ Two Bits Bong Song Vietnam. Oct 1966 until May 1967 attached to 1st Cav Div 2/12 Cav Bravo Co. May 1967 until Aug 1967 101st Airborne 1/507th A Co. Flew to Germany during the 6 Day War in Israel. Also spent two weeks in Detroit during the ཿ Riots.

Miles, Joel - US Army 1960 - 1963 - Combat Engineer Corporal

Miner, Kyle R. MHS 2004, USMC, Lance Corp, Flight Line Mechanic, Camp Lejeune, NC

Mitchell, Jack D. MHS 1960, US Navy 1960-1963, Hospital Corpsman

Moore, Carl C. MHS 1956, US Navy SO2, Sonar School 1957, Little Creek Va. Uss Jacana MSC-193 1957-1959.

Moore, Charles C. MHS 1932, US Navy 1936-1940. Rejoined December 7 1941, promoted to Chief Avaiation Machienist Mate 1941-1945. Served in the Alutiens during WW 2 as PBY plane captain. Received the Navy Flying Cross for valor in 1943.

Naccarati, Carmelo C. WWI

Naccarati, Frank U.S. Navy, WWII

Naccarati, Joseph U.S. Navy, WWII, Seaman First Class, April 22, 1943 - March 5, 1946, Asiatic-Pacific Area, American Area, Victory Medal World WarII (deceased January 9, 2006)

Navarrete, Alfonso C. MHS 1960 - US Army 1965-1968 Company A 9th Infanty Brigade Korea

Navarrete, Edward C. MHS 1957 - US Marine Corp

Nelson, Christopher C. - MHS 1956, US Navy ET2, June 1956-June 1960, ET "A" school Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA., USS Compass Island EAG 153, USNS Bowditch TAGS 21

Nunez, Abraham. Pvt. U.S. Army WWI. Hawaii

Nunez, Gabriel (Mike) Joaquin Jr. Airman 2nd Class, USAF, Korean War

Nunez, Ignascio. Pvt. U.S. Army WWII

Nunez, Miguel. Pvt. U.S. Army WWI 14 Field Artillery, 39 Division

Nunez, Ramon Garcia. S1 U.S. Navy. WWII PTO, USS Olmsted APA 188

Nunez, William Abraham Sr. Pvt. U.S. Army. WWII. Occupational forces-Korea.

Nunez, William Abraham Jr. MHS Class of 1976, Captain O-3E, Flight Nurse. Air Force, Wyoming Air National Guard. 27 Years total service. USAF Clinic Lowry, Lowry AFB, CO., 1 Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, Pope AFB, NC. 187 Aero Medical Evacuation Squadon, Cheyenne, WY. Operations: Desert Sheild, Desert Storm, Operation Restore Democracy (To Hati) Operation SFOR (Bosnia) Operation KFOR (Kosovo) Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

Onate, Ron - MHS class of 1962, 509th Airborne Infantry 8th Infantry Division, Mainz , Germany, 1963-1966

Oviedo, Joaquin - US Airforce, F-102 Radar Technician 1955 - 1959.

Padilla, Andres - MHS 1962, US Air Force Staff Sargent. 1969

Padilla, Anthony Gilbert. MHS Class of 1994, SFC, U.S. Army. Combat Cannon Crewmember. Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) Bronze Star recipent

Padilla, Eduardo C. CHS Class of 1943, US Navy

Padilla, Edward Michael (Mike). CHS Class of 1969. Spec-4, U.S. Army. Vehicle Mechanic. First Infantry Divsion, Ft. Riley KS.

Padilla, Jesus C. CHS Class of 1938, US Airforce

Parsons, Dennis L. CHS Class of 1962, Sgt. US Marine Corp, 1966-1969, Camp Lejeune, NC, Marble Mountain, Vietnam

Pasley, Claude, MHS 1968, Army

Paz, Josephine - MHS? - WAC in WWII

Pearce, Johnnie Lester – MHS Class of 1965 - US ARMY – Specialist 5th Class (E-5) – National Defense , Army Good Conduct, and Army Commendation Medals - Jul 1970 until Jan 1972 – Basic in Fort Lewis WA – After basic I spent my whole duty at the Presidio of San Francisco CA – I was assigned to the Fort Scott Chapel, Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment (HHD) 30th Military Police Battalion – I spent my whole tour of duty carrying a dual MOS – The first few months it was 95B-20 (Military Police) primary with a71M-20 (Chaplains Assistant) secondary, I then asked and had it reversed to 71M20 primary and 95B20 secondary – Fort Scott Chapel’s Chaplain was assigned directly to the 30th MP Battalion – My duties were taking care of the Chapel, secretary for the Chaplain, all record keeping, driver, personal body guard for the Chaplain, The first chaplain was Methodist, second chaplain in the Chapel was Catholic, and the third chaplain was Baptist. I was assigned to the first one but had to cover all three – In those duties the one that took up the most time was going to the different cemeteries within about 100 mile radius – I ask the men and women that went to Vietnam to forgive me for not going, I never had to go overseas but I dealt with the ‘HEROs’ that made it home in b _ _ s, some weeks was slower than others (thank the LORD) we would only have 2 or 3 funerals, other weeks sometimes more and all the family, this all depended on what we were doing in Vietnam.

Pfeifer, Edward J. Morenci Educator, Home town Minot ND. U.S. Army 66th Infanry Division, E-Company. European Theater of Operations (ETO) WWII. Survived the torpedoing and sinking of the Transport Ship Leopolville. Awarded the Bronze Star for Valor.

Pine, Arthur, Merchant Marine WWII, European Theatre

Pine (Stewart), Darlene, DHS 1939, Welder Douglas Aircraft, Los Angeles, CA, WWII 1942-1944

Pine Max, DHS 1968, US Navy, Vietnam

Ponce de Leon, Victor- MHS 1967. US Army, August 1968- August 1971, Vietnam service 1970 - 1971

Porras, Jesus - MHS 1962 - US Army

Pinson, Lawson - Enlisted in the US Army in 1957 - served in Panama, Germany, Korea, and three tours in Vietnam before retiring as a Sargent Major in 1985.

Provencio, Raymond - MHS Class of 1980, US Air Force, Staff Sargent, January 1982 to June 1992. Duty Stations Lowery AFB CO, Barksdale AFB LA, RAF Bentwaters UK, and Minot AFB ND.

Rapier, Max SR- US Navy- WWII

Rapier, Wayne D. - DHS- US Army. Vietnam

Ray, Steven H. MSH Class of 1970, US Air Force, Staff Sargent, May 1971-May 1978, 1971-1973 Crew Chief on C5A & C141A MAC aircraft@ Charleston AFB S.C. 1973-1974 Master Crew Chief on C5A MAC aircraft@ Dover AFB. 1974-1978 Flying Crew Chief on KC135A SAC 916th AIR REFUELING SQ. Travis AFB. Served in Germany,England,Guam,Okinanwa Japan.

Rice, C. Marshall--Douglas, Az High School--Morenci Resident 1940 to1976--Inducted into US Army 1/26/45--Honorable Discharge with rank of Corporal 8/24/46--Served on Guam, Wake, Saipan, Tinian and in the Phillipines

Rice, Rand - MHS 1965 - US Navy

Rice, Richard W. MHS Class of 1961, US Navy, Lt., September 1967-November 1969, NATO Base Keflavik, Iceland (anti-subemarine warfare).

Ritchey, Stewart J - CHS 1955, United States Air Force 1956

1959 6950th Radio Group Mobile, Parks AFB, Biloxi, MS with deployment to Chicksands AFB, 6950th USAF Security Service, Bedford England. Arizona Army . National Guard 1975

1979, 180th Field Artillery and 258th Engineer Company. Missouri Army National Guard 1979

1987, Chemical Warfare NCO, Honorable Discharge as Staff Sergeant [E6] September 1987.

Robles, Andres P., DHS 1970 attended MHS 1966-69 - U.S Navy, 3rd Class Radioman, Harold E Holt Communication Station, North West Cape, Australia 1970-72, Vietnam - USS Henry W. Tucker, Destroyer 1972-1973, USS Jason, Repair Ship, Sasebo Japan 1973-1974. Honorably Discharge June 1974.

Rodriguez, Athur, Wesley. Cpl. USMC, WWII PTO. Invasions of :Kwajalein,Saipan,Tinian, Iwo Jima. Purple Heart recipent. USAF, Sgt Korean War, Combat Artist.

Rodriguez, Frank, Wesley- MHS Class of 1941 Seaman First Class. U.S. Navy WWII, PTO, U.S.S. Submarine Scamp. M.I.A. Nov.1944 near Tokyo Bay. "Still on Patrol". Purple Heart Recipent.

Rodriguez, Miguel Juan. Pvt. U.S. Army WWI. 3rd Army, 167th Infantry "Rainbow Division". France. Battle of St. Mithel, Mues-Argonne Offensive. Occupational Forces in Germany.

Rodriguez, Miguel Wesley. MHS Class of 1938. U.S. Navy WWII, U.S. State Depatment U.S. Naval Attache. Madrid, Paris, Stokholm, Buenos Ares, Santiago, Lima, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Rojo, Alfredo U. "Butcher" - MHS 1955 - After graduation Butcher joined the US Army and served as a paratrooper for three years.

Salcido, Daniel - MHS 1961 - US Air Force, Airmen First Class, July 1961- July 1965.

Salcido, Roger - MHS 66. US Air Force 1966-1969. Service Vietnam and Cambodia 66-67.

Sanchez, Victor L. Jr - DHS 1997, United States Air Force Master Sgt 1997 - Present.

Sayler, Terry E. - MHS 1968 Served in the Marines during Vietnam.


Scheier, Patrick M. - MHS Class of 1984. U.S. Navy 1984 - 1992 MM2(SS). After training schools: USS John Adams (SSBN-620 Blue Crew) Ballistic Missle Submarine, Charleston, SC with refits at Holy Loch, Scotland (UK) USS Orion (AS-18) Submarine Tender, La Maddalena, Sardinia (Italy), USS Guitarro (SSN-665) Fast Attack Submarine, San Diego, CA then relocated for decommissioning to Mare Island, CA.

Salas, Gabriel - US Army during the Vietnam War

Sartan, Ronnie - MHS Class of 1967 - US Marines (? to 1971). Served in the Vietnam War

Schultz, Vernon B. Morenci Educator, Home town: Hamilton, Ohio. U.S. Army WWII.

Serna, Manuel - MHS Class of 1969. US Marine Corps, Vietnam Vet

Serna-Micielli, Gloria. CHS class of 1970, USWAC. Medical Corp. Valley Forge, PA. later in life served in Army National Guard in Springerville, AZ.

Shoptaw, James L. MHS Class of 1978, US Marine Corps, 20 September 1980 through 24 June 1988. Sgt. HQ Regt 10th Marines 2nd Marine Divison, Camp Lejeune, SC and Lebanon HQ Brty 2Bn 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, CA HQ Regt 12th Marines, 3rd Marine Division Camp Schawb, Okinanwa, Japan. Also served on the following ships: USS Belleau Wood, Siapan, Anchorage and Denver.

Sircy, Micheal - MHS 1975, U.S. Navy, 1975 to 2007. US Central Command, Operation Restore Hope, retired as CDR (O5)

Sizemore, Damon - CHS? - WWII

Smith, Don - MHS 1965 - E-6 US Army 1965 - 1968. Vietnam conflict.

Smith, Tyrell - MHS 1998, US Army, 1999 to Present, SFC. in 8-1 Cavalry Scout Hell Rider Troop. One tour in Afghanistan, two tours in Iraq and Germany. Home base is Fort Lewis, Washington.

Snodgrass, Billy C Morenci Resident 1946-1995 (PD 1946-1982) Home Town Carbon Texas US ARMY WWII Tec 5, 1943-1945, 270th Field Artillery Battalion (240mm Howitzer) Truck Driver Heavy Expert Carbine Battles and Campaigns: Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe. Decorations and Satiations: American Theater Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal With 4 Bronze Stars, Good Conduct Medal, World War 2 Victory Medal

Spann, Charles Lawrence - CHS 1930 - US Navy 1933-1937 serving on the USS Texas.

Stanley, Michael - MHS 1961 - US Navy. After a tour of duty on the USS Skagit in Vietnam, Mike was honorably discharged in 1967.

Stewart Raleigh D. DHS 1949 (?) - Captain, US Air Force retired. Served as a navigator on C-130 & C-141 airlift aircraft during Vietnam. Also served in Japan, Puerto Rico & Tripoli, Tunisia.

Stewart, Robert E., DHS 1940, US Navy Pacific Theatre

Stewart, Robert W., Cook for US Navy, WWI

Sutton, Marvin (Gene), MHS 1961 - Army 1962-1965 - Sargent E5, 82nd Airborne - Ft. Bragg, NC.

Tanner, Bill , MHS Class of 1956. US Nave 1956-1959

Tellez, Donaciano Jr., MHS, US Army, SGT. 8th INF, 4th INF DIV,WWII KIA FRANCE 8-28-1944,

Todd, Donald Ray Sr. - served in US Army during WWII

Todd, Tomas - CHS 1964, U.S. Army, Sp5 Military Intelligence Interrogater, 1970-71, Saigon, Vietnam, Combined Military Interrogation Center (CMIC)

Tomlin, Larry - MHS 71 - served in the army from 1971-1073. He was in radio communication in Viet Nam. Passed away Feb. 16,2014 at age 62.

Towle, Sharon K. (Waddell). MHS Class of 1979. US Army, Major. Sep 1979 - Jun 1983 (ROTC scholarship), Jun 1983-Jun 2003 (retired). Signal Corps. 1st Signal Bde, 8th Inf Div (M), 1st Cav Div, 3d Sig Bde, 335th Sig Cmd (Fwd), West Point. Training in Ft Gordon, Ft Sill, Keesler AFB, Ft Leavenworth, and Scott AFB. Stationed in S. Korea, W. Germany, and Saudi Arabia. Operations: Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Southern Watch.

Tucker, Robert, B. DHS (Class of 1933 or 1934) WWII, Army Air Corps., P-38 Mechanic, European Theater.

Tucker, Robert, W. MHS Class of 1968. Army 1971. Received a medical discharge after seven months from Guam.

Urrea, Mike - MHS 72 - Served in the Navy 1972-197676 and completed 3 WES-PAC tours on board the USS Flint AE-32.

Vargas, Roger E. - MHS Class of 1935, Captain, Army Air Corps. Entered Service in July 1940, Navigator on B-17E and F "Lulu Bell," 63rd Bomb Squadron, 43rd Bomb Group, Pacific Theater, 5th Air Force. Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 2 OLC, Purple Heart, Presidential Unit Citation with 2 OLC, Air Force Commendation Medal, American Campaign Medal, American Defense Service Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, and the WWII Victory Medal. Retired afte 22 years of sservice in October 1962. His exploits in the "Battle of Bismark" in which he received the Silver Star are mentioned in the book "The Flying Buccaneers." He is the older brother of Hector Devargas.

Vasquez, Robert Moreno. MHS Class of 1976, USMC 1976-1979, Cpl. Field Radio Operator. Camp Pendelton CA.

Villarreal, Reuben C. MHS Class of 1960. U.S. Army, 1st Infantry Division, (1965-1966) Veitnam

Villarreal, Rudolph (Rudy) C - MHS Class of 1958, US Army (1964-1966) 83rd Artillery Battery, 8th Infantry Division Germany

Villarreal, Stephen C. MHS Class of 1964. U.S. Army 1966-1968 Third Calvary Division, Vietnam

Wasson, Gene -MHS Class of 1961 US Air Force Staff Sgt. E-5 Air Traffic Controller Sept. 1968 - Aug. 1971 Kessler AFB, Biloxi, MS Hamilton AFB, San Rafael, CA Utapao, Thailand.

Watson, Steve - MHS Class of 1967 US Army Cpl. Golden Knights 1968-69 Ft Bragg, NC.

West, Larry - MHS 1966 - USMC - Morenci Nine - two tours in Vietnam, killed in Vietnam May 17, 1968

White, Ronnie G. - MHS Class of 1963 -US Army, 101 First Air Borne, SP5, Served in Vietnam 1963 to 1968. Killed by friendly fire on July 2, 1968.

Wilcoxson, Charles "Chuck" - MHS student 1946-1950 - US Navy 1951 - 1955 serving on the USS Bremmerton CA 130 during the Korean Conflict. Charles served his second "hitch" on the USS Dexter APA 237 Attack Personnel Ship.

Wilcoxson, Warren - MHS Student 1946 - 1950 - US Navy 1951 - 1953 serving with his brother, Chuck on the USS Bremmerton CA 130 during the Korean Conflict.

Williams, Samuel L. MHS Class of 1954, US Air Force 1954 - 1958.

Wilson, William N- DHS 1963-USMC 1963-1965- KIA Viet Nam 18 Aug 1965

Jacana MSC-193 - History

It provides software implementation and dataset for the following two papers:

xuchen/paper/yao-jacana-qa-naacl2013.pdf Answer Extraction as Sequence Tagging with Tree Edit Distance]. Xuchen Yao, Benjamin Van Durme, Peter Clark and Chris Callison-Burch. Proceedings of NAACL 2013.

xuchen/paper/yao-jacana-ir-acl2013.pdf Automatic Coupling of Answer Extraction and Information Retrieval]. Xuchen Yao, Benjamin Van Durme and Peter Clark. Proceedings of ACL 2013, short papers.

is a token-based aligner described in the following paper:

xuchen/paper/yao-jacana-wordalign-acl2013.pdf A Lightweight and High Performance Monolingual Word Aligner]. Xuchen Yao, Benjamin Van Durme, Chris Callison-Burch and Peter Clark. Proceedings of ACL 2013, short papers.

is a question answering engine that extracts answers from Freebase:

Information Extraction over Structured Data: Question Answering with Freebase. Xuchen Yao and Benjamin Van Durme. Proceedings of ACL 2014.

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Jacana Football Club is an Australian rules football club located 16 km north of Melbourne in the suburb of Jacana and is affiliated with the Essendon District Football League.

The Jacana Football Club was founded in 1961, as a junior club fielding an Under 15s team.

In 1965 the senior club was established and fielded teams in every age group.

The Jacana Pavilion was then opened on 9 July 1966, by the Mayor J.A. Culpin.

The original Jacana jumper was purple with a Gold JFC monogram. The club then changed to a gold V which was used up to 2006. In 2007 the club reverted to the original jumper.

From 1986 to 2000 Jacana participated in the Riddell District Football League and won its 3rd senior premiership in 2000 defeating Wallan 14.12.96 to 11.11.77.

Jacana has competed in various competitions including the Y.C.W competition, the Northern Metropolitan Football League and the Preston and District Junior Football Association.

In the early 1990s, Jacana’s senior club became the Broadmeadows United Football Club, and their jumper changed to purple with a Gold Vee. Then in 1997 the club went back to the name of Jacana Football Club, whilst keeping the purple and yellow vee jumper up until the end of 2006.

In 2001 the club became affiliated for the first time with the Essendon District Football League.The junior teams are now called the Jaguars and their jumpers are purple and Gold with a jaguar monogram, and are known as the Jacana Jaguars.

2013 Teams

  • Under 18 Division 2
  • Reserves Division 2
  • Seniors Division 2
  • Youth Girls
  • VWFL North West Seniors

Senior Premierships

Riddell District Football League: 2000 (1)

AFL players

Jacana has produced a number of VFL / AFL players who have gone on to achieve great honours at the highest level. They include:

The 9×23mm Winchester is a pistol cartridge developed as a joint venture by Winchester Ammunition and Colt's Manufacturing Company.

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