Kennedy Family

Kennedy Family

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Robert F. Kennedy

1. Smaller and more

How Bobby Kennedy Started the War on Gangs

In his 2018 State of the Union speech, Donald Trump repeatedly referenced a specific gang, MS-13, by name. These mentions were intended to justify his administration’s anti-immigration policies. Though MS-13 originated among Salvadoran immigrant communities in L.A., most of its more

8 Famous Brothers in History

1. Wilbur and Orville WrightOn December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers—a pair of self-taught engineers from Dayton, Ohio—ushered in the era of flight when they made the world’s first heavier-than-air, powered-controlled flight near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Even though they more

Ted Kennedy, “liberal lion of the Senate,” dies at 77

On August 25, 2009, Edward “Ted” Kennedy, the youngest brother of President John F. Kennedy and a U.S. senator from Massachusetts from 1962 to 2009, dies of brain cancer at age 77 at his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Kennedy, one of the longest-serving senators in American more

Joseph Kennedy Jr

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (1915-1944) was the oldest of nine children born to Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. (1888-1969) and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (1890-1995). A talented student and athlete, Kennedy graduated from Harvard College in 1938. He attended Harvard Law School but left before more

Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy (1957-), the eldest child of President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (1929-1994), is a lawyer and author. At age 3 she moved into the White House with her parents and younger brother John Kennedy Jr. (1960-1999). Following her more

Ted Kennedy

Edward “Ted” Kennedy (1932-2009), the youngest brother of President John Kennedy (1917-1963), was a U.S. senator from Massachusetts from 1962 to 2009, making him one of the longest-serving senators in American history. Kennedy entered the Senate after winning a 1962 special more

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

The journalist and socialite Jacqueline Lee Bouvier married John F. Kennedy, then a freshman U.S. senator from Massachusetts, in 1953. In 1960, Kennedy became the youngest man (and the first Catholic) to be elected president of the United States. As first lady, Jackie Kennedy more

JFK Jr. killed in plane crash

On July 16, 1999, John F. Kennedy, Jr.; his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy; and her sister, Lauren Bessette, die when the single-engine plane that Kennedy was piloting crashes into the Atlantic Ocean near Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr., was born on more

Maria Shriver marries Arnold Schwarzenegger

Almost a decade after they met at a celebrity tennis tournament, the television news reporter Maria Shriver marries the movie actor and former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger on April 26, 1986. Politically, it seemed an unlikely match: Shriver, then a co-anchor for the CBS more

William Kennedy Smith’s rape trial begins

Opening testimony takes place in the highly publicized rape trial of William Kennedy Smith, a nephew of President John F. Kennedy and son of Jean Kennedy Smith, the president’s sister and a former ambassador to Ireland. Smith, then a 30-year-old medical student at Georgetown more

Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy was the U.S. attorney general from 1961 to 1964 and a U.S. senator from New York from 1965 to 1968. A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Virginia School of Law, Kennedy was appointed attorney general after his brother John Kennedy was elected more

KENNEDY Genealogy

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Kennedy name history:

One is that the name is an Anglicisation of Ó Cinnéide, meaning "grandson of Cinnédidh" or "grandson of Cinnéidigh", with both of these personal names meaning "helmet headed."

Ceanéidigh could be related to the old Gaelic name Cennétig, which is known from Cennétig mac Lorcáin, the father of the Irish high king Brian mac Cennétig, who himself was also known as Brian Bóruma or Brian Boru.

There are also an Irish Kennedy family and a Scottish Kennedy clan of Carrick in Ayrshire, which are unrelated to one another. Another possibility is that Kennedy is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Ó Ceannéidigh meaning "grandson of Ceannéidigh".

Ceannéidigh is a given name derived from the Gaelic words ceann, meaning "head", and éidigh, meaning "ugly" or "fierce". In some etymologies, the element ceann is given as "chief" or "leader".

Kennedy Family - HISTORY

In Pitt and Beaufort Counties


John Kennedy arrived in Beaufort County North Carolina from
Virginia sometime prior to 1750 as indicated by the article
about his home Creekmere. Other early references to John
Kennedy occurred in the 1755 list of North Carolina Taxpayers
in Beaufort County, in 1762 and 1764 in Pitt County, 1779,
1782, 1786 in Beaufort County, and 1786 in Pitt County.(10)
Other early records in 1760 are of "John Kennedy Jr. the son
of John Kennedy and Elizabeth his wife" Listed in the will of
Ann Adams listed in old wills of Beaufort Co. p. 75

Ann Adams Death is recorded in the 1763 Kennedy Family Bible.
John Kennedy is listed in many Land transactions as early as
2 March 1761 and many others (see land transactions listed in
this document). John Kennedy Sr., member of an ancient Scottish
family, was an influential person in the community as indicated
by his representing Beaufort County in the House of Commons in
1779 and in the State Senate in 1791. He also serves as High
Sheriff of Beaufort County from 1788 - 1796. (11) A further
break down of dates indicates that he serves as High Sheriff from
1788 & 1791, 1792 - 1793 and 1795 - 1796. (12) John Kennedy Jr.
served in the North Carolina General Assembly Lower House for the
years 1796, 1800, and 1801.(11)

The ownership of land and slaves was an indication of a man's wealth
and usually his social, as well as economic position.

The first United States Census, taken in 1790, gave the total
population of Beaufort County as 5,462. Of these, 1,632 were slaves.

Over half the taxpayers of the county owned two hundred or more acres
of land. The percentage of those owning one thousand acres or more
was 8.4%. The largest landowner had more than twenty thousand acres.
Ten wealthy men owned 25% of the total number of slaves in the
county. Thomas Respess owned 76 John Gray Blount 74 James
Bonner Sr. 51 William Armstead 33 John Anthony 32 John Kennedy
30 Alley Ellison 30 Frederic Grist 29 John Burns 29 and Cader
Barnes 26.(13) John Kennedy's sons, John Kennedy Jr., William
Kennedy, and Warren Kennedy, were large landholders and also
prominent men in the community.

John Kennedy Jr. and William Kennedy were leaders in the community
in establishment of the school system in Washington.(13) William
Kennedy a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in 1782 returned
to North Carolina and was admitted to the bar, and began to practice
law in Pitt County. William Kennedy was the first to represent the
First Congressional District in 1803-1805, again in 1809-1811, and in
1812-1815. William Kennedy retired to his estate in Beaufort
County. He owned large tracts in the Broad Creek District, on
Bear Creek and Pamlico River, as well maintaining his principal
seat on a plantation above the town of Washington. He also owned
Mills. He made his will on September 20, 1833 leaving a large
estate in land, personal property, and over 30 slaves to his three
children Frances, Sophrorisba, and William L. Kennedy (William L.
Kennedy served in the N.C. Assembly Lower House in 1833.)(14)(16).

He Died on October 11, 1834 and was buried in the Kennedy Burying
Ground near Washington. William Kennedy was a gentleman of
integrity, charter, and forceful presence in the political arena
of Beaufort County and in the United States Congress. His
Congressional record speaks well for his abilities and his
responsibility to the citizens of Beaufort County.(14)

Creekmere, on Tranters Creek about two miles from Washington, was
built by Colonel Kennedy in 1750. This home was the social center
of refined hospitality. The ends of the house are of brick while
the front and back are of wood. The interior was very elegant in
its day and though marred by abuse and time, the living room is a
fine example of the panel work and wainscoting of that period.
In the bedrooms upstairs there are little corner fireplaces not
larger than 12 inches wide. Allen Grist bought this place from
Kennedy and lived there during the winter months and ran a large

The Kennedy Family

To be a researcher and be informed that the Kennedy family is a top 13 llluminati family, is akin to being told a needle is in a haystack. Someone has estimated that there are 200,000 Kennedys in the United States and the 17th most populous surname of Ireland in 1890 and 16th most common today.

Fortunately, there is information that allows me to identify at least part of the Satanic Kennedys from the rest of the Kennedys. You will learn some of this later in the article.


Again the ties between various Illuminati families is very involved and a long unraveling process, similar to untying a Gordian knot, confronts the researcher. The Kennedy family abounds with marriages to names such as Anketells, Baileys, Booths, Buckleys, Collins, Hatfields, Humphreys, Freemans, James, Phelps, Reagans, Russells and Smiths.

The Kennedys that we will look closest at, are related to the Fitzpatricks, a powerful Irish family whose coat of arms has 3 fleur-de-lis with a dragon and a lion.

The Fitzpatricks may tie back to France and they may possibly be part of the Sang Royal (Sangraal–Sang Raal is the term used in the older manuscripts which can mean both Royal bloodline or Holy Grail).

Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, who married John F. Kennedy, was tied to the Auchinclosses via her sister’s marriage into the Auchincloss family. The Auchinclosses are Scottish bloodline of the Illuminati.


There are several versions of how the Kennedys got started, but when one goes in and examines things, what turns out is that the origins of the Kennedys in Ireland are very clear. They are descendants of Brian Born (also known as Brian Caeneddi) and his nephew who spelled it Cinneide. The name thereafter was O’Kennedy. They originally were a Dalcassion sect, and were in the area near Killahoe, and Killokennedy parish is a reminder of that ancient fact.

The O’Briens and MacNamaras forced them into new territories where they became the Lords of Ormond, what is now north Tipperary. Most Kennedys in Ireland today are still found in that area. The Kennedys remained powerful into the 16th century. The Kennedy family divided up into 3 branches:

1. Don (brown)
2. Fionn (fair)
3. Rua (red)


Around 1600 a Scottish branch of the Kennedys appeared. There are several stories as to how they got their name Kennedy, and it is possible that they were not from Ireland. However, interestingly, genealogists have ascertained that whether the various branches of the aristocratic Kennedys in Scotland and Ireland may have different origins (because the origins of the Scottish branch is unclear) it can be shown that they all subsequently intermarried and became related if they were not related to begin with.


One of my first clues that the Kennedys had something to do with the Illuminati was the conspiracy book The Widow’s Son – The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles by Robert Anton Wilson. Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, authors of “Illuminatus!” are not Christians. On the contrary, they are regular participants in the central Ohio Starwood Festival for witches and pagans.

Robert Anton Wilson has publicly on a number of occasions explained that he is a gnostic and a great fan of Aleister Crowley. I picked up Wilson’s book The Widow’s Son in a Satanic/New Age bookstore. In both volume 2 (the teaser chapter at the end) and in volume 3 of The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles one is taught the significance of Brian Caeneddi, the first Kennedy, and how Brian Caeneddi’s blood got into some very important royal bloodlines.

It is interesting that an informed man like Wilson, who spends time doing rituals with gnostics and witches, would declare that the Kennedy family is an important bloodline in connection with the Illuminati. How many people knew that Tip O’Neil, speaker of the house of representatives, was a descendant of the Kennedy clan? Wilson writes for New Agers and witches, not for Christians.


I personally believe it is just the way the occult works, they expose the facts for their own people, but in a way that will not be taken seriously by others. Wilson acts like a buffoon one minute and a serious conspiracy researcher the next, and he will act both ways all in one article or even on a single page of his books. When a person checks up on Wilson’s facts, they usually hold true.

On my part the information about Brian Caennedi was astounding. I had to go as soon as possible to verify it from other sources, and it turns out Wilson was accurate about their genealogy and their importance in the Illuminati activities historically, etc..


If John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated and so much about his life examined and written about, a window allowing us to see the Kennedy Illuminati family may never have opened so wide. First, the assassination attracted attention. In recent years, the Illuminati have given permission to publishing houses to print exposes of JFK’s sexual life, etc..

It is believed that this permission was given in an effort to deflect criticism of his assassination by allowing his reputation to be tarnished. (I hope my readers are beginning to realize that things are totally corrupt at the top, and that JFK was no different than so many others that have been and are today at the top of the political mess in this nation).

John F. Kennedy had a very active extra-marital sex life, and even after he was President in the White House. For those who don’t think secrets can be kept by the elite, one only has to look at how John F. Kennedy was able to have sex with many women while President and to have frequent nude swim parties at the White House pool and the general public not know anything about it.

John F. Kennedy’s lust for women was well known by the elite. Illuminatus McGeorge Bundy warned his friend JFK (while JFK was a Senator) that John’s openness with women might get him into trouble with the public. John F. Kennedy was so open about his sexual habit, that at one party at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC, he openly had sex with one partner in front of the party, while his friend Senator Estes Kefauver did the same.


Then they swapped partners and began again in plain view. John F. Kennedy had many “one-night-stands” as the world calls them. These were merely women hustled up by his aides or the secret service or his friends like Frank Sinatra. But Kennedy also had long term relationships with some of the women he was sexually active with. It is those relationships which reveal so much about the hidden Satanic side of the KennedYs.

John F. Kennedy had three long term girlfriends, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Zsa Zsa Gabor, who were ALSO girlfriends of Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan. Jayne Mansfield was a high priestess of the Church of Satan and Marilyn Monroe was a participant in LaVey’s satanic rituals before LaVey founded his Church of Satan. Both JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy had affairs going with Marilyn Monroe, and both visited her just prior to her mysterious death.

Zsa Zsa has been interested for years in the occult. (JFK also had relationships with other women connected with the Illuminati). Before we examine the significance of these three relationships of JFK’s, and before we get into his liaisons with other women who were Illuminati connected, let’s cover the relationship between Anton LaVey and the Illuminati.

California was very fertile soil for Satanism due to a host of factors. Two lesser known factors are that there were Haitian communities which practiced voodoo in California at the early part of this century. Also California became a haven for witches and Satanists fleeing from France, South America, Cuba and other places where their Satanic practices were not tolerated.


Anton LaVey knew how to be a showman. He took Marilyn Monroe, helped her with her acting and with his connections helped her get a chance to act. John F. Kennedy had a long term relationship with Marilyn Monroe. When JFK was elected at the convention to be the Presidential candidate the Kennedys threw a party. The party was described as, “every delegate was provided by the Kennedy group with anything they wanted for their entertainment, including liquor and women sent to their room”.

JFK spent the time at the convention and the next day afterwards ‘making love’ to Marilyn Monroe. After his acceptance speech, the whole group went over to his close friend Peter Lawfords for a skinny dipping party. Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jnr. were close friends to each other and to John F. Kennedy.

Sammy Davis, Jnr. became a member of the Church of Satan after LaVey started it. From the middle of 1955 to the end of 1959 JFK had a suite on the 8th floor of Washington’s Mayflower Hotel set aside for his extramarital affairs.


During the 1960’s Jayne Mansfield and John F. Kennedy had their relationship. They met at places like Beverly Hills, Malibu, Palm Springs. JFK had several men who ‘bearded’ for him. That is they would act like the women JFK was to get, were their own date.

Judith Campbell Exner- Judith was Sinatra’s girlfriend who he passed on as a favor. Judith worked for the Mafia, in particular she worked for Sam Giancana and John Roselli, who for some reason also both worked for the CIA. Exner ran letters between the Mafia and John F. Kennedy while he was President.

It is also known that JFK was in direct contact with Meyer Lansky and Joe Fishetti, two other Mafia chiefs, and that he benefit from money they passed on to him. This is no surprise because Jack’s father had worked with the Mafia, Jack’s entire life.

John F. Kennedy certainly could have been easily blackmailed by these groups. I haven’t seen any indication that blackmail was even tried, so the only other conclusion, is that John F. Kennedy worked with the Satanists and the Mafia. In fact, the Mafia rigged several important counties in the election, like in Chicago, which tipped the scales in John winning the Presidency.


Joseph Kennedy was John F. Kennedy’s father. I learned that Joseph Kennedy was part of the Illuminati. He was a member of the Pilgrim Society (a 60 of the branch Illuminati). He also worked closely with the Mafia, and other Kingpins in the Illuminati.

Jack Kennedy got the reputation after Britain and the Germany began fighting in WWII, as being against the United States entering the war. Jack Kennedy held the prestigious job of being the U.S. ambassador to Great Britain at the time.

The fact that Jack Kennedy was given such an extremely vital position shows that the Kennedy family is important within the Illuminati. At that point in time, it was important who the U.S. had as ambassador. After the war began, and both countries had martial law, and extensive military communications, the ambassador was really not quite so critical in his role.

One of the men who worked at the embassy for the Americans was an American, Tyler Gatewood Kent, a career officer in the U.S. Consular service. Tyler Kent believed in a world conspiracy before he began working in the code room. While he worked there he was astonished that Roosevelt was secretly involving the United States in WWII and lying to the American public.


So far I have only exposed a small part of the Illuminati Kennedy.. As might be expected of any “good” illuminati family, the Kennedy. are connected to drugs, to the Monarch program, to “death” euthanasia programs, to the British monarchy, and to the various organized crimes group., mafias etc.

One aspect is the connection of the Illuminati Kennedys to the drug trade, and another is their connection to “death” care and the Knights of Malta.

After W.W. I, Joseph Kennedy worked for Galen Stone, who was a partner in the prominent firm of Hayden Stone & Co. Hayden, Stone & Co. had ties to the Rothschilds. In order to gain respectability Joe married into the Fitzgerald family. This is a common Illuminati tactic. It seems many of the Illuminati men, look for a wife who will gain them respectability.


One other business pardner of Kennedy was the Bronfmans, who are powerful Illuminati figures in Canada. Kennedy was in business with Newark’s Reinfield Syndicate of which the Bronfman’s owned 50%.

After Joe Kennedy became the Amer. Ambassador to Britain, we can catch a glimpse of how powerful the Illuminati are. The British Royal Family at the request of Joseph Kennedy put on their full royal regalia for the Kennedy family.

Perhaps one of the items that best shows the hidden power behind Kennedy is his daughter’s marriage to William Cavendish and Joseph Kennedy’s comments about it.
Kathleen married the Duke of Devonshire, which was a very prestigious position within the British nobility. Dukes are second only to the monarchy. Joseph Kennedy was often heard saying.

“If Kathleen and her husband were living, I’d be the father of the Duchess of Devonshire (first Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen) and the father-in-law of the head of all the Masons in the world.” Joseph Kennedy was in the British branch of the Knights of Malta which is called the Order of St. John.


In the chapter The Founding Family we learn about PJ Kennedy who was JFK’s grandfather. He dropped out of grammar school, but by the age of 25 he somehow had ownership of a saloon and a liquor business. Later, he sold his liquor interests and went into banking. He also went into politics and via corruption was a successful politician. He won elections by hiring men to vote repeatedly for him.

Joe Kennedy remembered 2 Ward heelers proudly telling Joe Kennedy’s father who was on the election commission, “Pat, we voted 128 times today.” Joe, PJ’s son, married Rose Fitzgerald.

Rose got her education in the Catholic Sacred Heart Convent which she completed a month before her 20th birthday. Her father was removed from the House of Representatives after voting fraud was uncovered. Joe was acquainted with Roosevelt when FDR was only an Ass. Secretary of the Navy.

Various gangsters reported that during prohibition they had smuggled illegal liquor into the U.S. with Joe Kennedy. Joe worked with David Sarnoff and his Radio Corp. of America. Joe had an extremely varied sexual life he had affairs with countless women, and his son JFK followed in his footsteps.


There are not many critical thinkers in this nation. There are a great many intelligent people, but not a great many critical thinkers. A conspiracy of great magnitude has had this nation in its grips since the nation was founded, and the controlled press has managed to prevent the general population from finding this conspiracy out. The Kennedy Family has played a role in that conspiracy.

JFK gave his life to that conspiracy. The assassination of JFK is one of the best ways to introduce Americans to the conspiracy. Ralph Epperson who gives talks and slideshows about the NWO to groups, likes to use the Kennedy Assassination as a method to get people to realize that there is a NWO conspiracy. Interestingly, Ralph Epperson, had as a companion for a while without knowing it, an active Monarch slave who helped him give presentations.

Main Reference :-

Check out more about Fritz Springmeier – Bloodlines of Illuminati (this link will open a new tab) :-

Chicago River Merchandise Mart

Not only are the family members politically savvy, but they are financially savvy as well. They avoid taxes like the plague, such as in the sale of a huge retail space on the Chicago River called Merchandise Mart, which was once the largest building in the world. They avoided capital gains taxes on nearly half the sale value. They also structured a deal whereby certain family members, including Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver, continue to collect millions of dollars of income from this sale, though it had occurred twenty years ago in 1998.

The Kennedys don’t talk much about their wealth. They describe themselves as a “very public family with a very private investment philosophy.” Politically they appear more publicly.

Joseph Kennedy the 3rd carries on the family political legacy, serving as the U.S. Representative from Massachusetts’s 4th congressional district since 2013. Some see him as a bright young politician with potential for the Democratic party.

Jacqueline is a rocket scientist turned writer. She covers health, science and tech news for Citizen Truth. In her first career, she managed experiments & data on the Space Station & Shuttle.

Kennedy Family - HISTORY

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John F. Kennedy's brother, Joseph Jr. (left), wrote a letter to his father (center) in 1934 stating that the Nazis' “dislike” of the Jews “well-founded,” and his father replied that he was “very pleased and gratified at your observations of the German situation.”

The father also told an aide, Harvey Klemmer, that “Individual Jews are alright, Harvey, but as a race they stink. They spoil everything they touch." John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Joseph Kennedy Sr. once told German Ambassador to Great Britain Herbert von Dirksen that, in the latter's words, it “was not so much the fact that [the Germans] wanted to get rid of the Jews that was so harmful to [the Germans], but rather the loud clamor with which [the Germans] accompanied the purpose.”

In an interview with a Boston newspaper in May 1944, as the Holocaust was decimating Europe's Jewish populations, Kennedy said, "If the Jews themselves would pay less attention to advertising their racial problem, and more attention to solving it, the whole thing would recede into its proper perspective. It’s entirely out of focus now, and that is chiefly their fault.” Bettmann/Getty Images

Copious evidence suggests that the Kennedy family stole the 1960 presidential election. In Texas, some counties saw more "votes" for Kennedy than there were actual voters in those counties. In Illinois, deceased citizens "voted" for Kennedy in a case of "such gross and palpable fraud as to justify the conclusion that [Nixon] was deprived of victory," wrote the Chicago Tribune.

In the aftermath, several people brought the matter before the courts, only to be shot down by pro-Democrat judges. "Finally, in 1962," The Washington Post wrote, "an election judge confessed to witnessing vote tampering in Chicago's 28th ward, three precinct workers pled guilty and served short jail terms." Wikimedia Commons

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Today, nearly eight decades after they first entered politics, the Kennedys remain one of the most fascinating and captivating families in American history. And as much as they made their mark in the world of politics, it's perhaps their personal lives that continue to fascinate and captivate us most to this day.

Whether it's the impossibly glamorous pairing of John and Jackie or the rags-to-riches story of his father Joe, the Kennedys' storybook lives have dazzled Americans for decades.

But though they lived the life of affluence, privilege, and status, the Kennedys have of course suffered more than their fair share of calamity, due to both their own misdeeds and tragic circumstances beyond their control. Given the many accidental deaths, suicides, murders, and assassinations that this one family has endured, it's easy to see why the phrase "the Kennedy curse" is part of the American lexicon.

At the same time, much of the tragedy that follows this family has sprung from their own misconduct. Many of the Kennedy men, for example, have been responsible for the serious injuries and deaths of the women in their lives. There's the brutal murder of 15-year-old Martha Moxley in 1975, the drowning death of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969, and the crash that left Pam Kelley paralyzed in 1973 — and that's just one six-year period.

Yet despite the fact that the Kennedy men have admitted their involvement in these injuries and deaths, and even been convicted in courts of law, many of these powerful, rich, and entitled figures have faced only minimal consequences for their crimes.

As the Kennedy family nephew who killed Martha Moxley reportedly told one witness, "I'm going to get away with murder. I'm a Kennedy."

And while that nephew did actually get away with murder for more than a quarter of a century, he was finally convicted. Likewise, many of the Kennedy family's deepest, darkest secrets have eventually come to light. See some of the ugliest in the gallery above.

Next, have a look at some of the most haunting Kennedy assassination photos that most people have never seen before. Then, discover the dark-side of patriarch Joseph Kennedy.

The Myth of Joe Kennedy’s Bootlegging

No matter how many trysts JFK had or how much he drank, his habits paled in comparison to his father Joe’s alleged activities during Prohibition.

Noah Rothbaum


Wild parties in Palm Springs with famous actors and musicians, affairs with beautiful starlets, nail-biting showdowns with international rivals, a dramatic death, a hero’s burial: The life and times of President John F. Kennedy are both well-known and well-mythologized.

For decades, JFK was viewed as a prototypical golden boy both in his home state of Massachusetts and beyond. But the truth about his behavior , which has slowly come out over the years, is a good deal less glowing—and a good bit boozier.

His dinners at the White House were legendary for their copious cocktails, including rum & cokes according to Sally Bedell Smith’s book Grace and Power. “They served the drinks in enormous tumblers,” writer and close Kennedy friend George Plimpton told Bedell Smith. “Everybody had too much to drink because they were excited.”

The Tragedy Surrounding The Kennedy Family

When it comes to American dynasties, the Kennedy family truly reigns supreme. From their long-standing history in American politics to their questionable ties to accidents and murders, the Kennedys certainly have a reputation. But as storied as the Kennedy family's past has been, it's actually all a lot more complicated than you might assume.

There is a ton of tragedy surrounding the Kennedy family, but it didn't start with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. No, the Kennedy family has been shrouded by tragedy for decades, and there is even speculation that they're cursed. Honestly, with as much death as the family has suffered, a Kennedy curse doesn't seem too off the mark. It truly seems like the hard times will never end for the infamous Kennedys. However, the family has been outspoken about their disregard for a so-called curse plaguing them. Edward Kennedy Jr. and his brother Patrick Kennedy told CNN that they didn't believe in a curse. "The Kennedy family has had to endure these things in a very open way," Edward Jr. said. "But our family is just like . every other family in America in many ways." Still, there's no denying the tragedy that surrounds all the Kennedys.

Irish Surname - Kennedy

The Kennedy surname in Irish is O'Cinneide, from a compound of the words 'cinn' meaning 'head', plus 'eide' translating variously as 'grim' or 'helmeted'. O'Cinneide was anglicised O'Kennedy but the prefix O was later discarded in the period of Gaelic and Catholic depression in the 17th and 18th centuries, leaving the name in modern times as Kennedy.

The surname came into being in the 11th century and derives from the O'Cinneide sept that was based in Thomond in County Clare, where their name is still immortalised in the parish of Killokennedy, near Killaloe.

The original Cinneide, from whom the family claim descent, was a nephew of Brian Boru, High King of Ireland (1002 - 1014). Cinneide's descendants were a very powerful family in the famous Dal gCais (Dalcassian) tribal grouping, who moved from Killaloe in Clare into nearby north Tipperary, where they prospered and multiplied in their new territory of Ormond. As early as 1159 in the 'Annals of the Four Masters' there is reference to their then chief who was Lord of Ormond, a title they held for over four hundred years up to the 16th century.

The surname continued to spread further afield to other counties including Antrim, becoming one of the most numerous and widespread in Ireland. Kennedy is now amongst the twenty most frequently found surnames in Ireland.

Kennedy distribution in the 1850s

In Griffiths Valuation c1850s, there were 4820 Kennedy households recorded, a quarter of which (1112) were in Tipperary. Limerick had 262, Antrim 258, Kilkenny 232 and Down 211.

Famous People with the Kennedy Surname

The most famous Kennedy in modern history is John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th president of the United States, who was a descendant of a Wexford branch of the family. He was the first man of Gaelic-Irish ancestry on both sides to hold the office of President of the United States of America. He was elected in 1961 and held office until he was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. In June 1963 Kennedy visited Ireland and took time to visit his ancestral home - the original cottage at Dunganstown, near New Ross, where previous Kennedys had lived before emigrating to America. Proudly addressing the crowd in Dunganstown President Kennedy said: "This is where it all began".

Matthew Kennedy (1652-1735) emigrated to France and was a notable literary figure in Paris, being part of St. Germain's court and popular for his life-long enthusiasm for the Irish language.

Author Patrick Kennedy (1801-1873) was born in Wexford but moved to Dublin in 1823, where he later owned a bookshop at Angelsea Place. He is associated with the Celtic literary renaissance and is credited with reviving and continuing much of the Irish folklore. In one of his famous books 'Legendary Fictions of Irish Celts', Kennedy re-tells stories and legends that he had heard in childhood, ranging from ghost stories and local legends, to heroic adventures.

Hugh Kennedy (1879-1936), a brilliant lawyer, was the first Attorney-General of the Irish Free State, and later the first Chief Justice of the Irish Free State. As a member of the Irish Free State Constitution Commission, he was also one of the constitutional architects of the Irish Free State.

Jimmy Kennedy (1902-1984) from Omagh, County Tyrone, was a world-famous songwriter who composed such songs as 'Red Sails in the Sunset' and 'Teddy Bear's Picnic'.

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